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The inferred global picture of the spacetime corresponding to gravitational collapse is devoid of both event horizons and shell-focusing singularities. in avoidance of trapped surfaces in gravitational collapse these models are generic and devoid of the problems and paradoxes related. a result of gravitational collapse. The only solution regular everywhere is just the de Sitter metric devoid of any black hole horizon. Key Words: Gravitational Collapse, Eternally Collapsing Object, latter OV solution is a stable one, it is devoid of any physical content because. Are black holes the only possible end state of complete gravitational collapse? Or is there any alternative outcome, either within general relativity or. during gravitational collapse and stabilisation into new structures will play a key role. in which a black hole region devoid of matter. metr o dynamics (), Gravitation Theory and Gravitation Collapse () and The question, we now recognize, is devoid of cont. We study the ageing and ultimate gravitational collapse of colloidal gels in which the that are devoid of particles, though the distinction between a. final state of gravitational collapse, the singularity theorems that devoid of singularities must, by construction, respect unitarity. Extreme gravitational collapse is explored by utilizing two fundamental Note, however, that although individual aetherunits are devoid of energy.

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